Public Tender Announcement for the Purchase of Air Dryer

Date of issue: 2021/11/01

Exp. Date: 10/11/2021

Project Name: Ardestan-Dehshir Gas Compressor Station

Jondishapour Co (Private Joint Stock Company) intends to purchase "َAir Dryer" equipment through tenders from authorized manufacturers / suppliers of the Ministry of Petroleum who have legal personality. Applicants, having the ability to build and deliver the subject of the tender, must submit the following documents to participate in the tender as follows:

A: Send a request to participate in the tender with the authorized seal and signature up to 3 working days after the publication of this advertisement to the email:

B: Send the technical proposal to the email:

C: Envelope No. 1:

1. A SAYAD check guaranteeing participation in the tender in the amount of 2,500,000,000 Rials in the name of Jondishapour Company, unconditionally and with at least 3 months validity

2. Registration documents and advertisements of the official gazette (Articles of Association, establishment advertisement and latest changes, economic code and national identity card)

3. Work history and certificate of good performance from previous employers

D: Envelope No. 2: Financial proposal

Applicants must submit their technical proposal (section B) to the mentioned email address, and the documents of sections "C and D" in two separate envelopes to the address: Jondishapour Company, No. 12, Parsia Alley, Nesa St, Madar Square, Mirdamad BLVD, Secretariat Unit, no later than 10/11/2021.

The cost of placing the advertisement will be borne by the winner of the tender.

You can download the technical information related to this tender from the attached file section on this page.

For more information, call 021-26405040, extension 206.

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