JSC is a leading supplier of high-value consulting, engineering, EPC / EPCM, (engineering, procurement and construction management) and project management services to the power industry working on both new assets and retro-fitting existing power facilities. We have built a reputation for providing innovative, value added solutions for major energy providers, governments, developers and independent power producers. The provision of a safe and reliable supply of potable water is the foundation of modern society. JSC works to establish and maintain the supply of this valuable resource; from first-time supplies to supporting existing water supply organizations. JSC has an established background in developing solutions to treat and manage the supply of potable water.Our experience gives us the ability to expertly advise our customers on the most suitable solution to meet their drinking water treatment and water supply challenges. Our capabilities in water treatment ranges from established practices to innovative technologies, including: • Flocculation/sedimentation • Filtration techniques • Reverse Osmosis (RO) • Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) absorption • Ion exchange • Disinfection processes including ozone/UV • Disinfection by-product removal • Instrumentation and control

Shiraz Waste Water Treatment

Shiraz Waste Water Treatment

Jondi shapour company has installed water and waste water lines in some of Iranian cities up to present, that the length of it is around 295 Km. The such as installed project, we can refer to Shiraz project that has been notified to this company by global bank management and their representative of Shiraz Water & wastewater Company and initiated to work.

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