Underground gas storage (UGS) is one of the important parts of natural gas industries. Normally, Gas demand varies from time to time as a function of weather, gas price and other affecting factors. The most common variation is increasing gas demand in winter. As a result, pipelines cannot transport enough gas to fulfill the needs of the customers whenever needed especially in winter. During the summer, pipeline can transport more gas amount than required. This situation normally results in an inefficient gas transport system. Therefore, In order to resolve this issue, the UGS has been applied. Natural gas may be stored in number of different ways. The common ways of underground gas storage are given below: - Depleted oil and gas reservoirs - Aquifers - Salt cavern formations With our project “underground natural gas storage in shurije-D” and got license in this mentioned issue we actively take part in this process.

Shurijeh Natural Gas Storage & Refinery Complex

Shurijeh Natural Gas Storage & Refinery Complex

This project was performed to convert Shurijeh- D formation to a gas storage reservoir in order to overcome the cold season gas consumption peak load. The required sweet gas will be transferred and boosted from gas distribution network and injected into the reservoir in warm seasons (eight months).

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